Javin is a facilitator, coach and partner to companies wanting holistic and everlasting benefits. He is the co-author of The Path – an Amazon.com best-seller in the area of Operational Excellence for pharmaceutical companies. Over the past 20 years, Javin has worked with companies in implementing powerful and holistic changes across industries like pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sectors, engineering, retail, and consumer goods. Typical engagements include supply chain transformation, project management, sales and marketing & strategy and tactics for profitable growth. He is a sought after speaker in industry events and also teaches over weekends in Business Schools. Javin has worked closely with Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt (founder of the Theory of Constraints and author of the ground-breaking book, The Goal). Javin has also worked with industry associations such as FICCI, PPMAI, PMI, ACMA and OPPI. 

Javin Bhinde