We start a 'Diagnostic Assessment' of the current reality in the organization to arrive at the various problem areas /areas for improvement as well as determine the path towards high performance.

We offer a series of workshops aimed at educating and aligning the mindsets of the management, as well as the systems, rules and procedures for better operations management, marketing and sales. Through these workshops, almost all managers in the organization have a clear perspective and understanding of the new system and its workings, their role in the new system, the new KPIs, measurements and review systems.


We offer partnering during the most critical phase of the project: implementation. Through well-defined documents (SOPs, etc.), software and IT systems tuned to the workings of the organization as well as continuous hand-holding and training, we ensure that the new ways of working - the culture and the clock – are 'institutionalized' in the organization's DNA.


We offer to develop within organizations a 'process of ongoing improvement'. This system ensures that even after the SynCore team has left active involvement in the client organization, the people are capable of carrying on the high performance process improvements.