Our People


The people at SynCore are a mix of experience and youth, creating a blend of wisdom and fresh perspectives. The senior consultants have worked with leading Indian and foreign multinational companies in industry as well as in Management Consulting.

The Senior Consultants Ravi, Shubham and Vivek all bring their special expertise and skills to diverse consulting assignments. They are the shapers of the execution in SynCore's consulting assignments. Standing shoulder to shoulder with them are the young team of Narasimha, Rakesh, Aashwin, Sriraj and Anurag. They all believe in the power of focus and single minded dedication to client success. Spearheading Business Development and spreading the work of SynCore to new clients is Rima, an energetic and enthusiastic individual. Guiding the consultants are Javin, CVM Sastry and Vikas Phatak. Javin is an avid reader and speaker, having shared his views on numerous platforms including TEDx. He is the co-author of The Path – an Amazon.com best-seller in the area of Operational Excellence for pharmaceutical companies. He has worked with Dr. Goldratt on assignments designing and implementing TOC solutions. In SynCore, the engagements Javin has led include supply chain transformation, project management, sales and marketing & strategy and tactics for profitable growth. CVM is a firm believer in the power of 'focus and simplicity'. He engages with clients in the areas of Operational Excellence and Innovation, both focused on enhancing end customer experience. Vikas is a Management Consultant with special emphasis on Manufacturing Management and Supply Chain Management with more than 40 years of experience. To know more about our team, read our blogs and articles.