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Brace for BREXIT

August 3, 2016

Growth in generics prowess: India could also look at becoming a major generic medicines provider to the UK as it looks to expand funding to enhance its National Health Service (NHS).

Javin Bhinde, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, SynCore Consulting elaborates, “One of the causes for the strength that the referendum gained was the oft repeated line by the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), ‘We send the EU £350m a week, let’s fund our NHS instead.’ The NHS is one of the world’s largest publicly funded health services and provides healthcare in the UK. The rising cost of healthcare has been a source of concern in the UK. For Indian pharma companies this represents an opportunity as the need for economical generic drugs is being felt.”


Conference on drug counterfeiting organised in Mumbai

July 8, 2016

According to Javin Bhinde, Managing Director, SynCore Consulting, drug counterfeiting is one of the classic cases wherein the source of disruption lies way out of the area of influence of the manufacturer but there is a lot that manufacturers can do to dramatically limit the ability of drug counterfeiters to breach the boundaries of the legitimate supply chain.

More often than not, traditional supply chain designs offered many fundamental barriers to the flow of information to and from various touch points across the value chain. This combined with the intricate and highly complex nature of the downstream flow of materials made it a formidable task to have a real-time understanding of what was transpiring.

Information and its rapid availability can be a key lever in addressing the counterfeiting challenge.


‘Almost all major manufacturers of pharma products in India have acknowledged and responded to the counterfeit challenge in the India’

June 28, 2016

Javin Bhinde, MD & CEO, SynCore Consulting shares details of the PatientSafe India conference this year and its objectives. He also elaborates on the steps to deal with the challenge of counterfeit medicines, with Express Pharma


PatientSafe India to be held in Mumbai on June 28

June 21, 2016

PatientSafe India, a one-day conference on addressing the counterfeit challenge, will be organised on June 28, 2016 in Mumbai. The conference will be facilitated by SynCore Consulting with the active collaboration of all the industry associations, regulators, trade bodies and consumer groups. The theme of the conference will be to deliberate on various aspects of drug counterfeiting and suggest creative ways to raise awareness and devise strategies for curbing the practice of drug counterfeiting.

The conference will be marked by the presence of eminent speakers from different segments of the pharmaceutical ecosystem. Senior representatives from OPPI, AIOCD, IMA, IPA, IDMA, FDA and various government agencies, directors of policies and government affairs and senior management professionals from the industry will share their insights on tackling the challenge of drug counterfeiting.


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