“Oh! What a pleasant surprise, I never knew I would be meeting you at Mr. Boman Irani’s wedding reception,” Mr. Cyrus exclaimed in excitement as he approached Mr. Daruwalla.

“Neither did me. I thought I was only a business consultant but now I’m a marriage consultant too!” Mr. Daruwalla laughed as he finished his second drink.

“Oh! You can’t be serious? Are you telling me that you brought the two together?” Mr. Cyrus scratched his moustache and wondered in astonishment.

“What can I say? It’s a long story…” Mr. Daruwalla smiled and began narrating the whole event to his friend.

Mr. Boman Irani, a middle aged bachelor project manager at the BPO vertical of a large telecommunications company, was a worried man thinking about the lonely life ahead. Around three months back, he had bagged a contract for leased lines from Ms. Batliwala – ayoung and enthusiastic entrepreneur in the BPO business. Despite his best efforts and constant follow up with all concerned, Mr. Boman Irani was not in a position to confirm the delivery of equipments needed to set up the BPO facility. Ms. Batliwala was angry and upset, in the delay and execution of the contract awarded to his company. It was not just the project execution, but a possible evaporation of the dream of marrying Ms. Batliwala that was bothering Mr. Boman Irani.

With no help coming from senior management, Mr. Boman rang the doorbellof Ms. Honey Irani to pour his heart out. “Ms. Batliwala is very angry with me. But what can I do? She wanted all the equipments to be delivered in 6 months whereas our standard (and the industry standard as well) is 12 months! The delivery teams are under constant pressure to meet the market demand for delivery,” he cried and stuffed his mouth with the bread rolls.

Listening to his story, Ms. Honey Irani took out a visiting card holder from the cabinet and pulled out the visiting card of Mr. Daruwalla, senior consultant at SynCore and said: “I have no solutions for your problems, but I feel Mr. Daruwalla can help you out.” She rolled her eyes and pulled the remaining bread rolls away from him.

Mr. Boman (a teetotaller by habit), reluctantly visited Mr. Daruwalla at his office at Mumbai to find a suave, experienced business consultant welcoming and ushering him to the meeting room. Mr. Daruwalla patiently listened to Mr. Boman and advised him to set up his meeting with the CEO of the company.

The company was in the business of setting up the infrastructure and providing wireless communication solutions to organisations. The company was involved in maintaining and increasing the communication infrastructure for the increased consumption needs of the telecom operators.

When Mr. Daruwala met the CEO of the company, he got to know exactly what the main challenge was the company faced. The challenge was the inability to meet the customer’s expectations of the lead time, which had a direct impact on the revenues and probability of the organisation due to frequent price fluctuations.

Mr. Daruwalla analysed the whole situation and decided that it was best to first meet a wide cross section of the organization to understand the different viewpoints & objectives of the different stake holders. Keeping in mind the organizational objectives, Mr. Daruwalla designed an inter-departmental initiative to deliver projects faster.

Mr. Daruwalla worked with the teams on advanced project management techniques to drastically reduce delivery lead times. He conducted a series of workshops to train the project manager & the different stake holders from engineering, procurement, field operations etc.

In theses workshops, a more realistic project planning tool was designed, keeping in mind the resource constraints and the use of strategically placed buffers. The project plans served as a basis for planning in a reduced lead time. The team members and their department heads were also made aware of prioritising their work and reducing the number of open work fronts.

The uniquely designed project tracker enabled project managers to focus on the tasks which were going to be delayed. The project manager, now had a very clear task priority system based on the percentage of work completed based on the critical path and the buffer time remaining. The project manager was less hassled, completing all the projects on time without extra investment in resources. The project managers were also trained in daily project execution and monitoring.

“The delivery was finally made for Ms.Batliwala,” Mr. Daruwala took the last sip of his drink and paused. “And everything fell in place…” he winked and gestured Mr. Cyrus to look at the newlyweds. Mr.Boman Irani was grinning from ear to ear as he introduced Ms. Batliwalla who was now Mrs. Irani.