Formulating the right Strategy is indispensable to the success of any organization. Some questions that need answers are: what will be the organization's Right to Win’? What modifications are needed in the current strategy/business model to return the company to growth and higher profitability? SynCore’s Strategy Development and Execution methodology helps companies address existing and latent demand.


We believe that a simple and practical Strategy framework is the key to success for a new Business Strategy Evaluation and Implementation While it is possible to conduct a strategic planning exercise with analysis and assumptions, a course correction in a dynamic environment can be achieved through a ‘fluid’ strategy development process. SynCore proposes a Strategy Deployment Program that is based on a continuous feedback loop from the market – this increases the chances of success and makes the entire process responsive and agile


The areas addressed include: organization structure re-design, designing strategic roadmaps for doubling revenues, marketing and operational strategies, people alignment, sales force effectiveness, product mix, supply chain strategies. SynCore works relentlessly with data, analysis and insight. SynCore's deliverables include: Business Plan, Business Model, Projected P&L and Cash Flow Statements, Strategy Implementation Plan, Risk Management Framework, etc. SynCore not only devises strategy but also helps clients in fund raising and execution. 



SynCore provides diagnostic assessments and recommendations for improvements, but does not stop there. SynCore then partners with the client organizations, firmly believes and works on the philosophy that implemented correctly and completely, is not a success. SynCore ensures the complete implementation of the new system or processes with the active involvement of its client, so that the clients can get maximum ROI. In the implementation phase of the project, SynCore do hand-holding of its clients and attempts to fine-tune the new systems and processes by addressing their practical issues.


SynCore conducts buy-in workshops and extensive training sessions with its clients to get the full approval of the new systems or processes by all the concerned stakeholders of the project.

Documenting Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the new systems or processes are also an integral part of this phase of the project. SynCore offers new systems’ or processes’ monitoring support to its clients post-implementation. Our consultants attempts to troubleshoot problems and guide the clients, as and when required.



This program is aimed at developing managers’ ability to deliver real results in the company environment through improvement projects based on systems  thinking. The objective is to develop a clear and deep understanding of the company’s environment to deliver bottom-line results. The various modules covered in the program include:


  1. TOC Fundamentals

  2. Supply Chain principles

  3. Manufacturing Operations 

  4. Project Management

  5. Marketing and Sales

  6. Finance and Measurements

  7. Managing Retail operations

  8. Management Development Program 

  9. Innovation 


Executives in companies from middle to senior management, who have had enough business experience to launch improvement initiatives, are the ideal candidates for this program.

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SynCore SCM- The power to streamline your Supply Chain.


Through a web-based tool developed for supply chain management, we offer organizations with a quick, ready-to-deploy, web-based software application for inventory management based on the concepts of TOC buffer management.  Within a few weeks (or even days) organizations can start reaping the benefits of the system: end-to-end supply chain visibility of stocks and stock buffers, availability and fill rates and replenishment orders.